• Demographic analysis based on facial characteristics

  • Age group, gender and ethnicity classification

  • Attention time: time spent in front of camera

  • New vs. repeat visitor detection

  • Overhead intelligent sensors

  • Omnidirectional people tracking

  • Walk-in to walk-by ratio

  • Premises occupancy

  • Qualitative & Quantitative visitor analysis

  • Machine learning facial detection for demographic analysis

  • Cutting edge visualization for business analysis

  • Real time performance alerts for operational optimization

  • Data mining & advance decision science for KPI assessment

Uses advanced artificial intelligence mathematical algorithm

Facial Recognition

Leverage on the existing advanced facial recognition solution

Shopper Profile Analytics

Analysis, enable you to understand shopper behaviour

Shopper Path Tracking

One of most important metrics to analyse the location performance

People Counting System

Constant overcrowding results in lower visitor satisfaction level

Crowd Density Measurement

Heat-mapping analytics are getting more important

Heat Mapping

Our expertise start from providing video analytics solutions


Our collected data and calculated metrics help organizations 


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