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People Counting Solution

Empowering your business strategies with factual substantiated decision.

Footfall measurement is one of most important metrics to analyse the location performance. Trakomatic develops the most accurate people counting system in Singapore. The solution provides the number of visitor and the both traffic flow inside and outside the retail stores, shopping malls, and any brick-and-mortar place.


Our solution is not just provide the number of people walk-in and walk-out of the area, but also provide the number of people walk-by. It allows you to have a full view of the real footfall traffic flow data and the number of potential customers to the area.

We have diverse capabilities to handle complex environment from top down angle, perspective view and even tap onto the existing camera stream to deliver high accurate result in the range from minimum 90% to 99%. 

Use-cases and benefits:
  • Improve the store layout from the insights of traffic flow in store

  • Measure and improve the footfall walk-in

  • Increase location attractiveness with more marketing campaigns

  • Real time data update and notification of the traffic flow

  • Sales conversion ratio when combine with POS data

  • Enhance customer experience by having more staff support during peak hours

  • Malls

  • Government Institutions

  • Tourism

  • Airlines & Transportations

  • Exhibition/event venues

  • Retails

  • Public services

  • Education

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