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Trakomatic has developed a myriad of dashboards in collaboration with our clients from various verticals. By jointly developing our dashboards with industry-leading clients we ensure that they key metrics and KPIs that are important to them are delivered in the best representation possible.


Trakomatic dashboard not only provides real-time monitoring for the operation staff, but analytic tools for the management and other business units. By consolidating the key metrics in the organization, our dashboards serve as a single source of truth and preferred platform for analytics.

Insights and analytic reports are also crafted by industry consultants to provide an easier interpretation of the data into actionable items.

Our solutions help businesses automate several tedious and costly processes and eliminates human error in the data collection and data management work flow.

By partnering and leveraging on cloud providers, Trakomatic’s dashboard is also available in real-time on mobile devices, allowing business users to access their reports and data remotely whenever and wherever they are.

Trakomatic Dashboards can also be made available on-premises and on the client’s cloud platform for enterprise deployments.

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