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Facial Recognition

Empowering your business strategies with factual substantiated decision.

Trakomatic facial recognition solution uses advanced artificial intelligence mathematical algorithm to identify an individual through their unique facial feature. By seamlessly integrating with any IP camera, our facial recognition solution allow you to know your customers profile data within seconds.

Our facial recognition solution captures walk-in customers’ profiles:
  • Age group

  • Gender

  • Ethnicity

  • Dwell time

  • Unique FaceID for VIP/Members/Staff

  • Unique FaceID for anonymous tracking

The solution is fully complied with Personal Data Protection Act (PDPA). All data will be anonymized and converted into hashcode. No photo or video footage will be captured without customer acknowledgement.

  1. The facial recognition accuracy up to 99.38%

  2. The system is capable of processing 10 million faces per second 

  3. Facial Recognition with mask on

  4. Database size up to 10 million records for enterprise level deployment

  5. Fully encrypted end to end transmission

Use-cases and benefits:
  • Measure and analyse customer segments

  • Improve marketing campaigns and store attractiveness by tailoring the right campaigns for the targeted customers.

  • Increase footfall and sales through marketing campaigns and product offering.

  • Automatically identify VVIP or registered blacklist.

  • Real time report with easy access

  • Malls

  • Government Institutions

  • Tourism

  • Exhibition/event venues

  • Retails

  • Education

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