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Trakomatic OSense uses advanced video analytics to extract facial features and estimates age, gender, ethnicity and other metrics. OSense can also be used for Facial Recognition in applications such as attendance taking, repeat visitor tracking, blacklisting, VIP recognition and customer journey tracking.

OSense can also be used in 1-to-1 matching (verification), as well as 1-to-n mode (identification, VIP, blacklist).

Trakomatic has spent many years on R&D, the technology is currently patent pending and has evolved from initial laboratory prototypes to commercial deployable product. By combining state-of-art algorithms in pattern recognition based on patch-based regression of framework, movement estimation and feature analysis, we optimize every step listed in the flow chart below to deliver a great level of accuracy and system stability. 

Our proprietary analytic engine is specially designed for commercial use especially for chain outlets environment where environmental factors affect the system performance.

digital signage, facial recognition, shopper profile analytics, attendance taking, FRDA (Facial recognition door access),

Digital Signage

Facial Recognition

Shopper Profile Analytics

Seat Occupancy Measurement

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