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Crowd & Queue Management

Leveraging on off-the-shelf IP cameras like fisheye and dome camera to track visitor’s activity. OTrail is software applications is compatible with most of the IP cameras in the market that is ONVIF compliance to track the visitor / customer / patron continuously within the camera view to identify the crowd level, waiting time and unique visitorship identification to continuous tracking and locking capabilities.

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Key features
  • Dome camera or Fisheye
    camera (recommended)

  • IP camera

  • Support Onvif (most of the IP
    cameras supported this)

  • Support multiple streams (most
    of the IP cameras support this)

  • Minimum 15 fps

  • Minimum resolution 2MP
    if it is dome camera

OTrail application come with comprehensive GUI interface for
user to configure the zones (support almost unlimited zones)
to identify the point of interest. The data is then encrypted and
send to the cloud portal for visualizing the insights.
The web-based portal provides user the ease of access from
anywhere without the needs to download any applications.​

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Product Feature

01    Tracking of the waiting time and trigger alerts when the threshold breached.

02    Tracking of the waiting time and trigger alerts when the threshold breached.

03    Crowd occupancy for SMM and optimal customer experience

04    Bi-directional people counting

05    Visitor journey, and touch point within the single camera view

06    Heatmap for “hot zone” and “cold zone” to perform the A/B testing for marketing

        campaign and product placement

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Use Case

Waiting in the queue during the Covid-19 is almost the norm for day-to-day life since Covid hit us in 2019, as part of the safe distancing measurement, the waiting time at certain places like F&B, tourism attraction points or hospital is unavoidable. Providing the real time tracking capabilities and quantifiable metrics for premise operator to respond  immediately when the overcrowding happens or enable manageable to plan better under the new norm.

01    Measuring of the open queue where business stakeholders can configure the queue layout as and when required,          OTrail product is flexible to track the visitors in the queue no matter which direction they are entering from.

02    Measuring of the number of unique people in the queue

03    Measuring of the average waiting time

Trakomatic leverage on the high coverage of the Fisheye camera to track the shopper engagement in the retail store. This allows single camera to cover for entire retail store to track the following key shopper behaviour.

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01    People counting - bidirectional
02    Shelf engagement and conversion rate when compare against

        the sales data
03    Store heatmap
04    Crowd control/occupancy control

Waiting time is unavoidable for services like banking, and doctor consultation at hospital, however, long waiting is waste of resources and results in unhappiness in the services. To improve the customer service quality and optimize the hospital operation to improve the service quality.​​

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01    Waiting time monitoring and tracking
02    Set the maximum waiting time alert

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