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Our wide range of solutions provide businesses and organizations with the following real-time insights:
Customer Experience
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Smart Digital Signage

Dynamic Targetted Content based on Viewer Demographics

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Self Ordering Kiosk

Personalised Ordering Experience

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Queue Measurement

Real-time Queue Alert System

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POS Integration

Integration with POS for real-time advanced retail insights

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CRM Integration

Integration with Facial recognition technology for VIP alerts, Customer Behaviour Analysis

Retail Management
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Shopper Engagement

Utilise facial recognition and notifications to engage shoppers

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Location performance

Collect and analyse data across geographic locations

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Customer Segmentation

Analyse and profile customers with facial recognition technology

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O2O Platform

Collect offline and online data for comprehensive analysis

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Digitize and automate manual reporting processes to streamline business management and operations

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Classroom Attendance Taking

Automated Facial Recognition based Attendance Taking

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Facial Recognition Access Control

Secure and Convenient Biometric Access Control

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Smart Toilets

Real-time alerts to maintain cleaniness and visitor experience

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Facilities Management

Real-time Footfall and Occupancy tracking for management staff

Application Benefits
Revenue Growth
  • Track and Improve Conversion rate

  • Increase Basket Size

  • Improving Tenant Mix

  • Targeted Marketing

  • Increase Retail Sales per Square Foot

Cost Optimization
  • Automated Reporting

  • Improve Marketing ROI

  • Man-power Allocation

  • Inventory Management

  • Store Operations

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