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Shopper Path Tracking

Empowering your business strategies with factual substantiated decision.

The solution provides the shopper path analysis, enable you to understand shopper behaviour through the shopper journey pattern. Trakomatic shopper path tracking leverage on both facial recognition and tracking path way to analyse and give the most accurate information of shopper movement.

Nowadays everyone is looking for an unique concept and experience. You can achieve this by getting in their shoes with our factual data.

Use-cases and benefits:
  • Evaluate the layout design attractiveness to create a better layout concept.

  • Understand customer purchasing pattern to improve the customer experience.

  • Measure the utilisation of common space or facilities provided

  • Malls

  • Government Institutions

  • Tourism

  • Airlines & Transportations

  • Exhibition/event venues

  • Retails

  • Public services

  • Education

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