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Face it! There's no escaping from this facial scanning tool
Trakomatics intelligent sensors bring retail to next level
This Singaporean startup is bringing offline retailers into the future of commerce
Trakomatic Unveils Cloud-based AI Solution for Retailers
APAC retailers struggling to unite data from online, offline realms
In pictures: Cutting-edge innovations for smart cities
TRAKOMATIC: Digitalizing the Physical World
People Counting, Tracking, Tagging & Profiling solution
Asia-Pacific Retailers Buy into Intelligent Future but Yet to Realize AI's Full Potential
S$20m govt project opportunities created for Singapore tech firms, says IDA
Tracking its way to success
AI and shopping: Every customer can be a VIP
Retail 2020: Your next grocery run or closet refresh may be powered by Microsoft and our customers embracing tech intensity
Local startups seek business opportunities in the epidemic (Mandarin)
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