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Seat Occupancy Measurement.

Empowering your business strategies with factual substantiated decision.

Overcrowded, not enough seats might be an issue that will give visitor a bad impression. Trakomatic solution helps to enhance customer experience through measuring the seat occupancy and the utilisation rate. This can be applied from a small meeting room to a huge event area.

Use-cases and benefits:
  • Improving the efficiency by enable to let other people to use the meeting room if there is no one occupied. 

  • Measure the crowd density of the area based on the occupancies level.

  • The system will auto flagged out once the number of seats occupied is over the threshold level or the reserved number.

  • Malls

  • Government Institutions

  • Tourism

  • Airlines & Transportations

  • Exhibition/event venues

  • Retails

  • Public services

  • Education

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