Thermal Facial Recognition

With the COVID-19 situation rapidly evolving, we have put together a device that effectively integrates hardware and software components that provide you and your employees a safe working environment with minimal set-up time.

Intelligent Face Recognition with Thermal Tracking Capabilities

  • Fast Identification through Facial Recognition (as fast as 300ms Recognition).

  • Able to identify while wearing face mask.

  • Auto Warning of abnormal temperature.

  • Take away manual monitoring and reduce contact and transmission risk with automated tracking solution.

  • Real-time data viewing and export. 

The all-in one device is an identification terminal product with face recognition technology as its core, which integrates video capture, facial recognition, temperate sensing, mask or without mask detection and network transmission.

It uses an embedded system with high performance hardware processing platform, providing high stability and reliability. Users have the option of accessing Trakomatic's Visitor Management System (VMS) for viewing of incoming and outgoing staff attendance & temperature summary data in real-time.

Managing Risk Through Technology

Face recognition + infrared temperature measurement can be use at distance, and through non-contact means among other benefits. This reduces risk to manage access by detecting ID and temperature automatically.

This improves the efficiency of work and takes the pressure and risk away from assigned personnel for manual tracking and measurement. Management is also assured of reliable, consistent and efficient tracking.

Automate prevention for safety and efficiency

Long distance and non-contact tracking.

Safer, Faster and higher-precision.

Reduce labour cost.

Face-to-temperature correlation rate of 99.9%.

Mask detection when mask is mandatory.

Avoid risk of thermometer cross-infection.

Real-time information.

Access Management

  • Access Configuration

  1. Daily access times (date, hours);

  2. Segregation rules for people entering and exiting.

  • Access permission

  1. Identification via face with/without mask

  2. Body temperature detection

  3. If wearing mask (Where Mandatory)


  • Abnormal temperature Detection:

  1.  Warning when abnormal temperature detected.

  2.  Deny entry upon abnormal body temperature detected) 

  • Access Logs

  1. Access time

  2. Temperature data

  3. Scene pictures

Technical Specifications

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