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Trakomatic's OPanel+

(A Singapore Product. Research & Developed by Trakomatic)

$1,880 Only!

No Annual Recurring License Fees. Pay only once.

An Intelligent Face Recognition device with temperature tracking Capabilities

  • Facial Recognition (as fast as 0.3 seconds recognition).

  • Auto Warning of abnormal temperature.

  • Attendance tracking

  • Automated SafeEntry Check-in/out (No scanning of QR code or NRIC required)

  • Real-time data viewing and export. 

  • Easily integrate data with 3rd party systems (HRMS, Payroll, etc.) 

  • Use as a standalone device or interface with EM Lock or any Gantry/Turnstiles for access control.

  • Compatible with Safe Entry and TraceTogether QR code scanning

Facial Recognition Thermal Device.png
High and Low Temp.png

Managing Risk Through Technology

Face recognition + infrared temperature measurement device can be use at distance, and through non-contact means among other benefits. This reduces risk to manage access by detecting ID and temperature automatically.

This improves the efficiency of work and takes the pressure and risk away from assigned personnel for manual tracking and measurement. Management is also assured of reliable, consistent and efficient tracking.

Single Device, Six Modes of Usage

Easily Switch between each mode based on your requirements

Picture 8.png

Access Management

  • Access Configuration

  1. Daily access times (date, hours);

  2. Segregation rules for people entering and exiting.

  • Access permission

  1. Identification via face with/without mask

  2. Body temperature detection

  3. If wearing mask (Where Mandatory)


  • Abnormal temperature Detection:

  1.  Warning when abnormal temperature detected.

  2.  Deny entry upon abnormal body temperature detected) 

  • Access Logs

  1. Access time

  2. Temperature data

  3. Scene pictures

How It Works for Identification

Identification Flow.png

How It Works for Non-Identification (Temp Tracking Only) 

Temp Flow.png
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