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Manage Occupancy Efficiently

Real-time occupancy solution

  • Crowd counting and density solution

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Analytics-as-a-Service (AaaS)

Our analytics services enables our clients to immediately start tracking the occupancy within physical premises automatically and in real-time. 

Clients will also be able to enjoy convenience in monitoring occupancy limits through our real-time alerts sent to their mobile via a mobile app when the configurable occupancy limits is nearing threshold and/or breached.  

  • Up to 80% PSG Grant Support!


    Fast turn-around time for set-up.

  • Real-time occupancy dashboard.

  • Real-time occupancy threshold alerts via, mobile app or Web Browser

  • Footfall analytics & insights.

Real-time crowd occupanc
Real-time Occupancy Dashboard

Visualise entry and occupancy data in real-time with trends on our intuitive real-time dashboard.

  • Real-time occupancy data trends. 

  • Data resolution from 5 minutes up to hourly intervals. 

  • Zonal occupancy filter

  • Data selector for historical records.

Dashboard Occupancy.png
For store operations, option to easily display real-time data on screen. Customisable to your colour theme and logo.
Provide clear data for all employees & customers for enhanced Safe Management Measures. 
Footfall Tracking Analytics

Get analytics and insights with additional analytics dashboard. Get a snapshot of the footfall performance. View tends, visualise insights to make data-driven business decisions. 

  • Hourly refreshed analytics.

  • Footfall performance snapshot

  • Footfall analytics dashboard

  • Occupancy analytics dashboard

Analytics Dashboard
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