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Trakomatic's OPanel Mini

(A Singapore Product. Research & Developed by Trakomatic)

$830 Only!

No Annual Recurring License Fees. Pay only once.

Opanel Mini.png

Face Recognition device the size of a mobile phone.

  • Small & Sleek form factor suitable for hotels, offices, schools or luxury homes.

  • Facial Recognition (as fast as 0.3 seconds recognition).

  • Recognition while wearing glasses, cap, or face mask.

  • Anti-spoofing liveness detection, avoiding photo or video attacks

  • Supporting APIs for secondary development, such as online registration, log comparison and return, and attendance data checking for easy integration with 3rd party systems.

  • Supporting both standalone version and network version.  

  • Use as a standalone device for employees/staff/student attendance taking or interface with EM Lock for access control.

From Schematic.png
Rear Schematic.png

Smallest Facial Recognition Device in the Market

OPanel Mini
Mini Specifications.png
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