Product and Shelf Interactions Measurement

Empowering your business strategies with factual substantiated decision.

Nowadays, it’s critical for companies to gain the insights of how customer interacts with their products in-store. Trakomatic’s product and shelf interaction measurement system is an useful solution enable you to gain the insights of the customer interactions with your brand, your product and your marketing activities within the physical area.

Use-cases and benefits:
  • Simplify the research and development for new product process by automating the data collection process.

  • Increase customer purchasing power and achieve higher sales result.

  • Provide factual data for category and basket analysis.

  • Enable you to do plan for inventories, predict sales through product analysis and basket analysis.

  • Malls

  • Government Institutions

  • Tourism

  • Airlines & Transportations

  • Exhibition/event venues

  • Retails

  • Public services

  • Education